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30 Ton Highway Semi

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Technical Specifications

Overall Width 8′-6″
Overall Length 42′-0″
Overall Height 8′-0″
Length of Bed 34′-6″
Center Opening 32″ x 26′-0″
Frame Size 12″ x  16″
Height Where Keel of Boat Rests 16″ Above Ground
Maximum Height of Pads 6′-6″ Above Logs
Approximate Weight 21,000 lbs.
Rear Tires 12- 235/75 R17.5
Front Tires 2 – 235/75 R17.5
Front Suspension Hydraulic Landing Wheels
Rear Suspension Self Leveling Air Ride Axles (3) – Dual Wheel
Wheel Hubs Oil Filled
Power Source (1) 12 Volt 4D Battery
Charging Source Charging Wire to Tow Vehicle
Hydraulics 12V Pump and Valves @ 3,000 PSI
Paint 1 coat MC-MioZinc Green – 2 coats MC-Tar Black
Grease Fittings Located at All Points of Wear
Pivot Shafts Stainless Steel
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 30 Tons


Front ends available for this size trailer:

Trailer Front Ends