Option Details

  • Wireless Remote
    Wireless Boat Trailer Remotes
    The wireless remote option can be applied to any of our trailer models. This allows a single operator to load and unload boats.
  • Sling Straps
    Boat Trailer Sling Straps
    Sling straps, manufactured from a strong 8" wide polyester cargo material, can be used to get boats lower if needed.
  • Straight Bar
    Boat Trailer Straight Bar
    Straight bar can be used on every trailer model. A 32" opening is shown above.
  • 6" Drop Bar
    Boat Trailer Drop Bar
    6" drop bar to be used on all models of trailers. A 32" opening is shown above.
  • 9" Drop Bar
    Boat Trailer Nine Inch Drop Bar
    This bar is our most extreme lowering drop. It is available for every model.
  • Mast-Rack Pockets
    Boat Trailer Mast Rack Pockets
    Mast rack pocket option allows for the use our removable mast racks.
  • Mast Racks
    Boat Trailer Mast Racks
    Removable mast racks can be used in many configurations. All parts are assembled using pins and clips.
  • Rolling V (H10 only)
    Boat Trailer Rolling V
    The rolling v option is designed specifically for the H10 trailer models. It comes fully galvanized with mounted plastic hull protectors.
  • Spare Logs
    Spare Boat Trailer Logs
    Additional logs are available in laminated pine, solid oak, or aluminum.
  • Custom Design Solutions
    Boat Trailer Custom Options
    Brownell also manufacturers completely customized trailers for individual hulls or styles.