I am excited to see the direction that Brownell Trailers is headed in. It was wonderful to witness the team’s willingness to provide service to your customers. From the moment I arrived and throughout my 2 day stay I felt as though I was in good hands. Your staff is professional and their depth of knowledge of your product is untouchable. They were willing to answer my questions and work through all my requests efficiently. With your direction, your team sailed an extra distance and still finished first.

I am relieved that you are at the helm, and I see fair winds in your forecast. I don’t think anyone could be better suited to run this ship. Congratulations on your purchase of Brownell Trailers, LLC and thank you.

Ryan Donahue
General Manager
Ocean House Boat Storage, LLC

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you about the great advantages of the Brownell Yard Trailer. The Yard Crew and I are confident that the Brownell Trailer delivers:

A.     Superb Turning Radius
B.     Capability to raise and lower Machine to retrieve and block Vessels
C.     A 60 ton Capacity
D.    The ability of a 70’ Vessel length
E.     The six arms that support and extend to any width and height of vessel
F.      A Remote Control System to move and operate Machine
G.     Operator Cab if driver wants too
We here at Pleasure Cove Marina want to say that we enjoy our Brownell Yard Machine on a daily basis and will continue to do so. Thank you for your time for letting myself and Crew to tell you what we think.

Brant L. Herson
Systems Manager
Pleasure Cove Marina

For two consecutive years I have looked at the various yard trucks available at the Miami Boat Show.  When our new state of the art 6 million cubic foot building was complete, I had narrowed my search down to Brownell and one other major competitor.  The reasons we gave a contract to you were many.  Your attention to detail, willingness to custom paints our machine, and most importantly, the speed at which you were able to produce this machine.  I especially appreciated the project procedure instructions and video sent during the build out.

Every aspect of your product reliability has been proven during its first year of use.  I would highly recommend your product and company to anyone looking for state of the art equipment.

Gerald Herson
Pleasure Cove Marina

“After researching hydraulic trailers, we decided to purchase one from Brownell.   The customer service we have received has been outstanding; their people have been very helpful, quick to respond to our questions and have provided us with an overall great experience.  The trailer itself has been easy to operate and performs very well. It allows us to move our larger boats in an efficient manner. In all we are very satisfied with our equipment.” 

Mark Talbert
Vice President – Operations
SAFE Boats International 

“When it comes to my crews safety, when it comes to the security of my customers investments that we’re moving around, I need a trailer I can count on. We push these trailers to their limits. I’m not going to do it on anything but the best”.

Tom Allen
Kittery Point Yacht Yard