Brownell Custom 45-ton Highway Trailer For U.S. Navy

March 19th, 2012

Brownell Boat Trailers, Inc. has teamed up with SAFE Boats International, LLC to build a brand new trailer for the United States Navy.

SAFE Boats International is known for their unmatched boat building quality, safety and strength, and they knew the obvious choice for a trailer matched in quality, safety and strength could only come from Brownell Boat Trailers. All of our trailers are custom engineered and manufactured 100% in the United States, and we are proud to have this opportunity to work with such a great company.

“After researching hydraulic trailers, we decided to purchase one from Brownell Boat Trailers, Inc.   The customer service we have received has been outstanding; their people have been very helpful, quick to respond to our questions and have provided us with an overall great experience.  The trailer itself has been easy to operate and performs very well. It allows us to move our larger boats in an efficient manner. In all we are very satisfied with our equipment.”

Mark Talbert
Vice President – Operations
SAFE Boats International

For more information on SAFE Boats International, LLC, please visit their website at